If you are not a computer science related major and you wouldn’t spare more than half an hour of your life learning any programming languages, then learn regular expressions. It consists of a few dozen symbols that help you search and substitute texts in amazingly powerful ways ten times more easily than any programming languages could. In half an hour you don’t master it but you get to know its potential and why you may want to spare another “half an hour” every few months or years, in your own pace, to build up your REGEX muscles gradually that will…

Programming is fun. If you don’t feel the fun or the urge to play at all, then programming is probably not for you, and you should seriously consider other careers as early as possible. If you are excited about the possibility of instructing the computer to do something tedious for you, but are struggling to get started, then this article is for you.

Most lanuages can be used as your first language to learn programming. I highly recommend python, but javascript or C or GO will do as well. …

Greg Chao-Kuei Hung

Greg teaches at CYUT

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